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We help you to live your life to the fullest

Why did you stop believing that you are a superhero? You are not that different from those heroes we all idolize. Sure, you might not have been born with superhuman powers, but what you have is the power of transformation. You have the power to make good decisions, and fight off bad ones. Anyone can be a superhero – with conscious choices.

Transform yourself to the best version of you with pure and premium, natural energy. Chug Ambronite first thing as a healthy breakfast to fuel a long day at the office, whip it up for a post work-out infusion of optimized nutrition, or have it as a fresh meal on-the-go. Whatever is your battle, knock out the enemy, anytime.

This is the revelation of food – a power-kick that keeps you focused, strong and ready for life. You are defined by your actions, so make sure you’re doing the right ones. Choose to become a savage in a world of weakness. Choose Ambronite and unleash the superhero within. Ever wondered how it would feel to be invincible?

Simo Suoheimo
Co-founder at Ambronite

The supermeal, to help you live to the fullest.

Real Food - The basis of Ambronite's Philosophy

From the beginning, we've wanted to comprehensively cover the needs for all nutrients in our recipe.

Real food ingredients are the only way to make sure we can cover also essential nutrients that are not completely understood or remain to be discovered by nutritional science.

Listen to Christian Mueller from the Department of Medicine at University of Erlangen to understand more.

Christian Mueller - Ambronite R&D advisor

M.D. Christian Mueller
Ambronite R&D advisor
University of Erlangen, Germany
Department of Medicine

Ambronite is your unfair advantage
Enjoy Ambronite and stay focused & sharp
Enjoy Ambronite in your outdoor adventures and while hiking
Ari Huusela - Ocean racer
Ambronite and shaker outdoors
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Ambronite team
Ambronite Team
Mikko Ikola

Mikko Ikola


  • Area: Business Development
  • Sports: Crossfit and jogging
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with honey
Simo Suoheimo

Simo Suoheimo


  • Area: Marketing
  • Sports: Climbing and trekking
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with berries
Arno Paula

Arno Paula


  • Area: R&D and Operations
  • Sports: Triathlon Ironman
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with curry
Teppo Vesterinen

Teppo Vesterinen

Head of eCommerce

  • Area: Marketing and IT
  • Sports: Soccer and gym
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with olive oil and honey
Sami Mokki

Sami Mokki

Head of Operations

  • Area: Operations and Customer Support
  • Sports: Freeletics and soccer
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with ginger and banana
Lotta Viitaniemi

Lotta Viitaniemi

Visual Designer

  • Area: Branding & Visuals
  • Sports: Gym
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite Banana with cold water
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Ambronite is way of life for us. We believe that health, growth and adventure is foundation for good life. Our shared values and passion towards healthy nutrition keeps us tightly knit together. We are always looking for top talent who share our values and passion. Read more about Ambronite culture here.

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